Meet Lisa Rickert, MSSW

In my 20-plus years working with defense teams on death penalty cases around the country, I have witnessed the pain and trauma of those whose loved ones were murdered; and I have also uncovered layers of pain and trauma in the lives of those who killed. I have been humbled by those who trusted me with their stories of buried wounds and have been in awe of those who chose mercy in response to unspeakable pain.

I have always been fascinated by emotional healing practices, and a friend let me sit it on forgiveness groups he facilitated in an alcohol and drug rehabilitation center. That friend introduced me to the generous, warm and welcoming, Dr. Robert Enright, whose forgiveness research informed my friend’s group work and mine.

Dr. Enright, is a licensed psychologist and professor of educational psychology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and founding member of the International Forgiveness Institute, Inc. For over thirty years he has been a leader in the scientific study of forgiveness and its effects. He and his colleagues have developed and tested a pathway to forgiveness that has helped incest survivors, people in drug rehabilitation, hospice, shelters for abused women, prisons, and in hospital cardiac units, among others. Dr. Enright has improved the lives of countless individuals who have taken his course on forgiveness or read his books.

In keeping with Dr. Enright’s mission to not just explore but promote forgiveness, he gave me his full blessing when, years after our first meeting, I approached him with the idea of facilitating an educational support group using his forgiveness model. He graciously granted me permission to use his materials and provides me on-going mentorship.

My intention is to provide a safe and confidential space for individuals to learn Dr. Enright’s forgiveness process, share their stories, listen and learn from others’ stories, and support each other on a path to forgiveness and healing.

Telling of our own stories or listening to others’ stories can trigger intense emotions. Although trained to recognize and respond to trauma responses, I am not a therapist and will refer you to a therapist if more stabilizing therapy techniques are warranted before proceeding in group. Check out the group schedule and see which session you’d like to attend and apply now.

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