I’d like to direct you first to the International Forgiveness Website, where you can read about founder, Dr. Robert Enright, who pioneered the first scientifically proven forgiveness program in the country, and whose forgiveness model informed my group.


Dalai Lama, Wisdom of Forgiveness

Enright, Robert, Forgiveness is a Choice

Enright, Robert, 8 Keys to Forgiveness

Enright, Robert, The Forgiving Life

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True Stories

Bonner, Barbara, Inspiring Forgiveness: Poems, Quotations, and True Stories to Help with Forgiving Yourself and Others

Bishop, Jeanne, Change of Heart

Bishop, Jeanne, Grace from the Rubble: Two fathers’ Road to Reconciliation after the Oklahoma City Bombing

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Schwarzenegger Pratt, Katherine, The Gift of Forgiveness: Inspiring Stories From Those Who Have Overcome the Unforgivable

Roe, Gary, Aftermath: Picking up the Pieces After a Suicide


International Forgiveness Website